Tattersalls Bowling Club

Our city based Club is a major venue for multiple functions as well as regular usage by numerous groups and individuals. Using two cash tills, with one often dedicated to group tabs, as well as a separate ATM, cash only transactions began to severely affect our operation.

After carrying out a cost analysis of available systems in regard to price, backup service and ease of operation, Idealpos was just what it said … ideal… and was actually the cheapest.

With two fully operational POS terminals complete with scanner, printer and EFTPOS, along with a backroom report server, we haven’t looked back. The biggest surprise was the ease of use for our volunteer staff. With its ability to make instant changes, we can keep up with price changes as well as introduce new stock items on the fly. The secret is in the database !

With over 75% of our sales being by card, we are now well and truly in the modern era of ‘tap and go’…. not bad for an old bowls club. Just why wouldn’t you go with Idealpos ?

P. Pidhirnyj. Perth & Tattersalls Bowling & Recreation Club. Perth.

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