Top ten reasons to try idealpos in your business

We offer anyone who wants to try our IdealPOS software a free downloadable demo version that can be used to assess our software and see how it can benefit your business. Below are the top 10 reasons we believe you should try IdealPOS for free.

Frequent Development

IdealPOS have their own team of programmers who are constantly adding new, and enhancing existing features to the program. Not only that, but additional add-on modules, links to third-party software for better integration and a regular release cycle are also included. They are an Australian company that supplies to several countries worldwide, they are constantly innovating and improving the product, generally based on the feedback gathered from our thier clients and resellers. They are constantly reviewing and utilizing new technologies to ensure that the product is never out of date. Big advances in SQL database management and .NET 4.0 improves on multi-database peer to peer design.

User-Friendly Features

Although Point of Sale software needs to be detailed and can sometimes be cumbersome, Idealpos has managed to facilitate the use of many features as simple check-box options. This allows you to scan through quickly and decide on each feature individually, while also creating a detailed system unique to your business. Idealpos also includes as default some of the most used features in a point of sale systems like Stock Control, Gift Vouchers, Credit Notes, Accounts, Bar Tabs and Promotions.

Stock Control

Idealpos gives you the ability to control all aspects of your business from an inventory perspective. You can easily create and manage direct and indirect items, and use recipes to further break down items. Add suppliers and create purchase orders, receive invoices and request credits. Full stock take capabilities with transfer between locations, stock write-offs and stock take reports including variance and value calculations. There is no limit to the amount of items that you can have in your database, so no matter how large your business is, Idealpos can comfortably handle it. A lot of other POS Companies will include Stock Control as a paid add-on module. With Idealpos one of the most powerful features of Point of Sale software is included as standard.

Gift Vouchers & Credit Notes

Many businesses offer their customers Gift Vouchers. Idealpos takes this one step further by ensuring all Gift Vouchers are tracked through the system, and can be linked to Customers in your database for better marketing. You can also edit the expiry date and choose from 20 different Gift Voucher types. Credit Notes allow you to offer customers a value for returned items within your store to use at a later date. They are similar to Gift Vouchers, however they are issued when a customer wants a refund for an item as an exchange.


It is no good having all of these features if you can’t access the data you need. With the ability to create over 50 reports with multiple combinations, you will be able to see all the details of your business in a flash. The majority of reports are logical in nature and will contain all the relevant information you are looking for. The reports can be generated on preset dates, or you can customize a specific date and time to really narrow down your interests. The reports will be displayed on screen and can be printed, emailed or saved as a pdf file. An additional module also allows for the scheduling of reports that can be printed or emailed at pre-programmed intervals, perfect for the owner who is not on-site every day.


Promotions give your customers a point of difference for purchasing from you, and allow you to move stock that needs to sell, or to gain more profit. There are many different types of promotions that can be used, from “Buy 2 for 1” deals to “Buy 10 coffees get 1 free” customer promotions. Happy hours, Reward Incentives, coupons and raffles are also all available to be used in conjunction with any other promotion.

Large Dealer Network

Idealpos relies on and supports dealers in many varying degrees. You can find dealers who sell, use and recommend Idealpos in all states of Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Canada and Saudi Arabia. IdealPOS truly are a global company that prides themselves on being able to meet the demands of many different business types and requirements the world over. Idealpos is committed to providing our dealers with the latest information and support to help them support their clients for a better Point of Sale experience for you. If you are in West Australia, contact MCR who has knowledgeable experts and will be able to assist you. MCR also has a dealer network to supply you local IdealPOS support and services.

On-going Customer Support

Idealpos has committed a great amount of time and effort to ensuring all the information that we can provide for our customers at all levels, is easily accessible. We have a constantly online User Guide, which is updated frequently with new features and changes. MCR are a member of Facebook where we post information relating to the release of new versions, product launches and industry relevant articles.

Accounts and Customer Database

Keeping existing customers is easier and cheaper than advertising and trying to attract new customers. Although you would ideally like to target both, Idealpos offers you the ability to easily track, maintain and market to existing customers within your database. Customers can be used for Laybys, Accounts, Bar Tabs, Loyalty and more. Once their details have been recorded, they remain in your database where their details can be linked to any sale they make. As with the Stock Control system, full customer functionality is included in the base version.

Add-on’s and Integration

As a stand-alone Point of Sale product Idealpos is powerful, functional and can handle most tasks. But for those businesses that require more from their product, we have a large range of solutions to make Idealpos even better. Whether it is Restaurant or Reservations, Integrated EFTPOS, Room/Property Integration, Accounting, Franchise Management, Idealpos can integrate or facilitate the use of these and many more additional functions. Each module is separate and can be purchased for one or more terminals, depending on the requirements. Before adding any modules, we recommend you contact MCR or an Authorized Idealpos Reseller who will be able to help you.