In many respects, it’s not the best idea to use your fixed POS terminal as a PC, even though it can operate as one if you wish.

Hopefully by now you are all well aware that a POS Terminal is not just a cash register, but a fully-fledged PC with touchscreen capabilities. Using a PC as a Touchscreen POS Terminal is not ideal, but it can be done. The same can be said for using a Touchscreen POS Terminal as a PC. It will do the job, but not nearly as good as a machine built for that purpose will do.

When you have a POS Terminal that is powerful enough to do all of these things, it is easy to install a lot of different programs and forget that it is a POS Terminal. Problems arise when the POS Terminal needs to be taken away for repair, and you have business and personal data saved on it. A lot of times when a terminal needs to be repaired we may need to re-image it. This process deletes all data on the terminal and reinstalls it back to a factory state. If you keep programs like MS Office, iTunes and others on your POS Terminal, these programs and all associated files will be deleted.

We recommend that if you are using your POS Terminal as a PC, to backup all your programs and files regularly, along with your POS backups and store them on an external HDD. They can be purchased quiet cheaply with very large storage capacity.

It is also a very good idea to use a UPS on your POS Terminals, as they provide additional safety and prevent catastrophes in most circumstances.