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The Idealpos Small Business Retail Bundle

Just $50 +GST per week over a 36 month term

The Idealpos POS Small Business Retail Bundle is one of our most popular and best selling POS Systems by far, and it’s all for just $50 per week +GST. This bundle comes with:

  1. Idealpos POS Software
  2. Touchscreen Monitor
  3. Cash Drawer
  4. Optical Scanner
  5. Docket Printer

Further, this bundle provides you with access to a range of optional features that are available in the form of add-on add-on modules, so you only need to purchase the features you require. This bundle will not only having you selling fast, but is super easy to learn and use.

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Optional Extras

Kitchen Printing $5.00 pw
Ipod / Ipad + App $8.00 pw
Full Support pack $7.50 pw
Restaurant Module $4.00 pw
Eftpos Module $3.00 pw
Label Printing $8.00 pw
MYOB / XERO module $5.00 pw
Webstore interface $10.00pw*
*Webstore also requires Prestashop, Magneto or Mobi2GO hosted website (not included)

Core Benefits

Faster Sales – no double entry (kitchen printing)

Reduction on necessary staff – Kitchen Dockets, table service

Reduced theft by staff – strong systems to reduce theft

Up selling – Auto prompt screens

Gain Trust of Customers with itemised receipts

Create return business through loyalty clubs

Reduce Accounting Costs and Time – integration with MYOB/XERO

Better Perceived resale value if you want to Sell Business

Easy Split Bills — faster payments

Why the The Idealpos Small Business Retail Bundle is perfect for you

Multisite Management

Integrated Analytics & Reporting Tools

Full EFTPOS Integration

Integrates with MYOB, Quickbooks & XERO

Supports Bil Splitting

Barcode Scanning

Fully Configurable Interface

Customer Loyalty, Incentives and Promotions

Beverage monitoring

Accounting Interface

Idealpos can interface to Attaché, MYOB, QuickBooks and Xero Accounting Software, providing a direct transfer of reconciled sales, payments and supplier invoices to the accounting software. General Ledger accounts in the accounting software are linked to Sale & Purchase Categories in Idealpos, along with other POS Functions.


Attributes allow you to give your stock items flags that can be used for reports and programming of the POS screen. The attributes allow you to easily group stock items by up to five different types, each linked to an attribute within that type. Any good point of sale system can group stock items, but an ideal one allows you easy stock control.

Bar Tabs

Bar tabs are a huge feature within any bar to save the customer time from always pulling their wallet out and going through a full transaction ritual. Idealpos supports bar tabs internally where you can use scanable, coded or mag-striped cards to give to your patrons. All data is stored within the system until the customer is ready to pay.

Barcode Scanning

Barcodes are used in Idealpos for the fast entry of stock items into the sales screen using a barcode scanner, or for stock control using the Stock Manage app. Scanning can also be used on customer accounts for membership cards, bar tabs, accounts and for employees to log onto a sale.

Beverage Monitoring

It is possible within Idealpos to configure the software to link with various beverage dispensing units that control exactly how much of a beverage can be dispensed at any one time. This allows for accurate reporting, ordering and stock control at all times throughout the service period.

Bill Splitting

Bill Splitting allows your guests to split a bill between multiple variations to give everyone the chance to pay what is required of them. The bill can be Split into four different ways, which are by Fraction, Amount, Cover and Quantity, or a combination of each.

Caller ID

The Caller ID module allows you to instantly add a customer to the sale, or add new customer’s details on the fly to your customer database, based on incoming telephone calls. Being able to confirm customer details instantly when they call and display their last order could save a lot of time on a busy phone during peak periods.Benefitting from a strong customer database can help businesses that rely on customer data succeed.

Chinese Character Printing

You can print Chinese Big5 characters on the kitchen printers and on some selected reports when language settings have been configured. The printing will allow for Chinese related menus to be easily translated to the kitchen for faster recognition of meal requirements.The Big5 is a Chinese character set created by a consortium of 5 large companies in Taiwan, but is also used in Macau and Hong Kong in place of traditional Chinese.

Clipp Tab App

Clipp is Australia’s leading and fastest-growing last minute deals and mobile-payment app for bars, pubs and restaurants. Clipp enables Idealpos venues to provide exclusive deals to consumers and provides users complete visibility over their tab, from orders and spend value.Being integrated into Idealpos, Clipp allows users to close their tab and pay securely and directly from their phone and is easily reconciled with your current end of service receipts.

Configurable POS Screen

Customise your screen as much as possible to allow for fast, efficient service. The use of images on the buttons representing different products can make it easy for new staff who are not used to the products to identify quickly the item they are looking for.Idealpos also allows the quick programming of the POS screen, even during the middle of a sale if required, to make sure you are able to get your system perfect in any situation.


The Coupon Promotions feature is similar to normal Promotions where an automatic discount is applied once trip conditions are met; however, instead of discounting the current sale, a coupon is printed at the end of the sale and can be used to provide a discount for a future sale. It is also possible to link a coupon from an external source to apply the coupon within your store.Coupons can be configured to print through the receipt printer.

Currency Configuration

Idealpos is able work with many different currency denominations throughout the world, along with different tax requirements, straight out of the box! When using Fast Cash Buttons, we can also link to 5 different note denominations. In some instances it might not be suitable to use the 5 highest denominations depending on your currency and most popular notes used throughout your region.